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Welcome to Our TTI Lab!

We take immense pride in being associated with ISKON Biotech, our sister company that excels in providing a wide range of testing services to various industries. If you are looking for top-notch services in Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Testing, Biotechnology Testing, Consumer Product Testing, Cannabis Testing, and Food Testing, you’ve come to the right place.

Allow Us to Direct You to the World of Cutting-Edge Testing Solutions at ISKON Biotech

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Pharmaceutical Testing

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is key to protecting the environment from products that could be potentially hazardous. When it comes to product testing, environmental monitoring is the process of assessing and evaluating a product’s impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle. Our environmental monitoring services aim to minimize the environmental risks associated with products. The different elements of the product that we look at include the sourcing of materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, transportation, and disposal of the product.

Microbial Identification

Microbial ID, or microbial identification, is the process of determining the specific type or species of a microorganism in a sample of a product. The importance of microbial identification lies in the fact that this process provides vital information to sponsors about their products. Our microbial identification services ensure the purity and quality of microbial cultures, verify the identity of microorganisms used in the manufacturing process, and allow the development of safe and effective products.

Disinfectants (EPA)

Disinfectants are chemical products that are designed to eliminate microorganisms on the surfaces of inanimate objects. Our team of professionals is capable of testing a variety of different disinfectant products, including high-level disinfectants. We perform a wide range of tests to ensure that you get the information you need for your product. Depending on the disinfectant product and the information you need as a sponsor, we will prove the efficacy and quality of your product by performing a selection of tests.

Antimicrobial Testing

Antimicrobial testing is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of substances that are designed to inhibit or kill microorganisms. At our lab, we offer antimicrobial testing so that you can ensure your antimicrobial agent product is effective, safe, and accurate. Our testing services not only confirm your product’s effectiveness, but it also allows us to analyze its environmental impact, whether it is safe for the environment or not. We can verify whether your product’s ingredients and makeup comply with the necessary regulations, laws, guidelines, and standards.

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Medical Device Testing

Applications and environmental effects on materials, as well as infection control technologies for reusable medical devices.

Product Development Testing Support: Our sister company, ISKON labs, provides support throughout the product life cycle. We collaborate with your team to help navigate the complex regulatory process and help support your testing needs. Our team has technical expertise in microbiology, chemistry, toxicology, virology, and molecular biology testing, helping to accelerate your time to market.

ISKON labs is ISO 17025-accredited, and GLP- and cGMP-compliant. We work with your company to adhere to the Quality System Regulation (QSR) and fulfill unique needs in medical device testing.

Packaging and Stability Solutions

Pharmaceutical testing needs packaging and stability solutions to guarantee the quality, safety, and effectiveness of pharmaceutical goods for the duration of their authorized shelf lives. These systems assure regulatory compliance, determine shelf life, and safeguard items from environmental variables. Stability and proper packaging help to reduce the danger of potential injury from deteriorated or unstable medications by ensuring that patients receive powerful, secure, and effective medications. While transportation studies, packaging material compatibility, container closure integrity, light and photostability testing, accelerated stability testing, and real-time stability testing are carried out, stability studies assess the impact of environmental conditions on the drug product over time.

Sterility Assurance

Pharmaceutical testing must include sterility assurance, especially for sterile items such as injectables, ophthalmic preparations, and implantable medical devices. To reduce the hazards to patients’ health, it is crucial to make sure that these items are free of live bacteria. For patient safety, regulatory compliance, and quality control, sterility assurance is essential. In order to perform a sterility test, the product is inoculated into culture media and incubated for a predetermined amount of time. The safety and effectiveness of sterile products must be ensured by the validation of aseptic manufacturing procedures, environmental monitoring, bioburden testing, endotoxin testing, validation of sterilizing methods, and quality control and release testing. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees the efficacy and safety of sterile products while giving information for legal compliance and patient security.

Sterilization Validation

Validating sterilization is an essential component of pharmaceutical testing, particularly for products that must be sterile to safeguard patients. It confirms that the chosen sterilizing technique effectively eliminates or reduces any live bacteria in the product to a safe level. This is essential for the protection of patients, legal compliance, and product quality. Sterilization validation testing includes biological indicators (BIs), dose mapping studies, biological and chemical testing, biological and biological challenge testing, sterilization process parameters, validation protocol, validation batches, and reporting. By verifying the sterilization process, pharmaceutical enterprises may confidently provide patients with medicines that adhere to essential quality and regulatory standards.

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Hand Sanitizer Testing

Testing the components that make up your hand sanitizer product allows us to help you verify the ingredients, check the product for impurities, and ensure that the product is safe to be used. Our testing services also include efficacy testing so that you can have confirmation that your product works the way it is designed to work. When you choose our testing services, you can get quality assurance on your product, ensure that the product complies with regulations, and give your buyers confidence in the product. Without our hand sanitizer testing services, you will not have the information and data you need to sell your product effectively.

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